Application for Primary One Admission 2020-2021

1. Notes to Parents

  1. Raimondi College Primary Section is a Catholic private co-educational primary school sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. Our School shares the universal mission of Catholic schools in the education of the whole person. Consistent with the school motto, “In Constantia Fortitudo”, we shall guide our students to persevere in their quest for knowledge, help them to nurture a positive learning attitude, develop their potential and build their sense of commitment towards the community. It is the school’s aspiration for all students, teachers and members of staff to experience the spirit of love and understand the teachings of the Gospel through the curriculum and school life.

  2. The 2019-2020 school tuition fee is $49,000, payable in ten instalments.

  3. Application dates for admission to Primary One for the 2020-2021 academic year are as follows:

    Online Application : 8th July, 2019 to 30th August, 2019.

    Submission of documents in person :13th July, 2019 to 31st August, 2019.

  4. Applicants for admission to Primary One for the 2020-2021 academic year must attend an interview on 21st September, 2019.

  5. Date of First interview : 21st September, 2019 (Saturday)

    Date of Second interview : 19th October, 2019 (Saturday)

  6. Result of the First interview will be released in early October 2019.

    Admission results will be released in late November 2019.

  7. A Primary One 2020-2021 school place in our school will not be reserved if the applicant participates in the Central Allocation of Primary One Admission administered by the Education Bureau or if the applicant registers with other government or subsidized schools. No fees paid will be refunded.

  8. For details about the application procedures, please refer to the ‘Primary One Admission Notice’.

2. Online Application Guideline

  1. System Requirement
    • Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10 or above.
    • Adobe Reader

  2. The Online Application is divided into the following 4 sections:
    "Select Class" > "Application Information" > "Confirm" > "Complete".

  3. You are required to visit our School in person for any amendment after the submission.

  4. An email acknowledging the receipt of application form will be sent to you after submission.

3. Application for Admission to Primary One

  1. Online Application
    Date : 8th July, 2019 (10:00 a.m.) to 30th August, 2019 (11:59 p.m.)

    • Parents need to complete the Application Form on the following webpage.
    • After submitting, please print out the Confirmation Letter and Application Form.
    • Application Form

  2. Submission of documents in Person
    Date : 13th July, 2019 to 31st August, 2019. (9:00a.m. - 12:00noon)
               Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

  3. Required documents

    • The Confirmation Letter and a completed Application Form with a recent photograph attached.【40mm(W) X 50mm(H)】.
    • Both a copy and the original of the student’s Birth Certificate.
    • For baptised students, both a copy and the original of the Certificate of Baptism.
    • A copy of K2 Reports Cards.
    • 2 self-addressed and stamped envelopes (the name of the student and application number must be written on the envelope).
    • If a parent, brother or sister is enrolled or has graduated from Raimondi College or Raimondi College Primary Section, please include both a copy and the original of the appropriate documents.
    • The application fee of $100 is payable upon submitting the application. The application fee is non-refundable. The cheque should be crossed and made payable to ‘ Raimondi College Primary Section ’.
    • All original certificates will be immediately checked and returned. All copy documents and fees will not be returned.
    • Submission of portfolio is optional. The portfolio should be of no more than TWO A4 pages.

  4. Application by post, email or facsimile will NOT be accepted.

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